School Agenda:  Child’s Place

Lesson Plan                                                                 Class:  3 year olds


Circle Time

Language Manipulative

Math /Science

Sand / Water

Large Muscle


Dramatic Play


Share story “I am going to the farm

All about the farm

Review small animal toys

Match the farm animals

Rubber duck pond

Exercise to the animal walk Make chicken scratch

Dress up like a farmer



Talk about hay and the color of it

Play the riddle game

Stacking and sorting blocks

Introduce animal sounds

Free water play Play pass the orange Complete bunny project

Farm puppets



Talk about oranges

Farm puzzles

Explore things that come in tens

Sort baby animals from Mommy animals

Find the shapes in the sand

Take a pretend walk in the farm

Create pocket for family notes

Dress the dolls



Talk about goats

Animal songs

Puzzles fruit & Vegetables

Explore sensory jars

Explore with rice & bean table

Play follow the farmer Make a farm animal book

Free play



Tractors and what they are used for on the farm

Review “wash them well”

Move & learn  CD

Explore colors of the farm

Free play

Move like a pig

Make Farmer in the dell puppets

Shaving cream